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The unit is equipped with Brother NEXIO Technology and Sip-Italy clamp device for holding trouser and label. The unit can be delivered completed or only the separated label attaching clamp. The clamp is available for inner plate with lateral, forward or backward function. It is also available for two different sizes

  • Versatility: this unit can attach several label sizes, thanks to adjustable outer clamp.
  • Productivity: this unit attaches the label without skilled operator
  • Programming and modifying a new sewing pattern directly on board or on the PC with Brother PS-300B software without stopping the unit
  • NEXIO console with friendly use as other sewing units made by Brother
  • The lowest running cost! Freedom to buy the standard consumable spare parts in all markets locally at the best price and delivery!

Technical Data

Standard Setting

Sewing Head

Brother model BAS-311H series, NEXIO Technology

Max sewing speed

2.700 RPM up to the Stitch length of 3.5mm


Average production:
Pairs 250/1 hour

Weight of the workstation

230 Kg (only workstation)

Measure of the workstation

130 x 88 x 135 cm

Air consumption

1,2 liter/cycle, pressure 5.5 bar

Range of use


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