More than 40 years of working experience


Dear Customers,
Sip-Italy is a division of our company TOR.MEC AMBROSI Srl specialized in the development and production of automatic units for Jeans & Trousers. Our passionate team has more than 40 years of working experience in this field. Our plant is located in Verona, north of Italy. We focus on “A top class” apparel industries, interested in the best product of engineering, quality and daily production output.
We achieve the goal to manufacture friendly use automatic work-stations, with the best ratio in terms of productivity and versatility at the lowest running cost. Most of our automatic workstations are equipped with common electronic hardware and standard sewing heads.
It is the unique technical solution that guarantees the real after-sales service and consequentially the R.O.I.
The best products made with the best supply chain! This is one strength of our business strategy. Thanks to management’s credibility and reputation, we are proud to have successful technical cooperation with the major Japanese sewing machine manufacturing companies in this field.
Sip-Italy, in cooperation with our distributors, is actually the best proposal for complete turnkey solutions for a new green jeans factory, really matching the concept of Factory 4.0, the actual benchmark for all Industries. This kind of total turnkey solution is a mix of the best-advanced technology and garment production know-how: we are a total solution provider, not simply a machinery manufacturer, providing smart projects totally integrated with our own technology.

The meaning of working in the field for a long time...
It seems like being in the field for the past 30/35/40 years is a synonym of credibility. If our business model remains the same as the machinery maker, this can not be considered a success. The goal is very simple: to ensure the best Return On Your Investment. To achieve this goal, we must become partners.
First of all, we understand how the situation has changed a lot in Apparel Industries.
We do this example:
• 15 years ago: apparel production cost was much cheaper (energy, labour, etc.)
• 15 years ago: buyer’s average garment purchase cost for a 5 pocket style was higher

How can you keep making money in the long run if we keep working in the same way with higher running cost and buyers are offering less price day by day?
You can not find a solution for your future problem with old keys. Old machines engineered before fast fashion and small quantity orders are becoming a daily business, old efficiency and high running cost of parts and limited outsourcing. You can not use old machines for new problems! This is the fact that all open-minded entrepreneurs understand. Our technology and know-how solution is the only way to change the paradigm.
This is one of the reasons why our partners consider us as a “solution provider” and not a “machinery supplier”.
This is what we have learnt from our 40 years of working experience: not to manufacture the same and better version of our machines, but to change our way to grow together with our partners.
This is the added value for being in the field for a long time... we have changed ourselves continuously!