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The unit GINA is required when in the loop sewing preparation, the customer has to insert a plastic fusing inside the loop. Only in this case, the loop must be creased before the cutting and sewing operation. The unit GINA perfectly creases the loop, loosening the plastic material inside the loop. This process gives great rigidity to the loop, less torsion, better quality after washing with less threads coming out etc. The unit has an automatic loop feeding control.

  • Less torsion of the loop, more rigidity , better sewing quality, no threads coming out
  • The interlining inside the loop will be perfectly melt avoiding the threads coming out from the loop after washing. If the customer is also a user of Sip-Italy belt loop setter unit model LS915H-EV2, thanks to the possibility to fold a very less length patch loop on our sewing machine, the combination of the two units in the production line grants a benefit to avoid the manual cut of  the portion of loop after being attached
  • Fully automatic unit, working without operator, auto feeding of the loop cord
  • 3D loop or standard loop, light or heavy fabric, thin or thick loop join, whatever the variation in production for garment style, thanks of parameters as change of speed – temperature and pressure, unit smoothly works
  • ITemperature control by digital thermostat
  • Roller Pressure can be adjusted depending of the thickness of fabric
  • Max width of the loop : 30mm

Technical Data

Standard Setting

Weight of the workstation

210 Kg (only workstation)

Measure of the workstation

85 x 89 x 128 cm

Air consumption

1 Liter/cycle at a pressure of 5.5 bar

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