ONO Lean Logistics

The 4.0 Lean production solution for apparel and textile industries

Automatic, expandable and native industry 4.0

ONO Lean Logistics represent a truly revolutionary solution in the field of warehouse logistics for apparel and textile industries.

The ONO Lean Logistics stores represent a truly revolutionary solution in the field of warehouse logistics: their capacity, shape and structure can be expanded over time with minimal and low-cost interventions, thus allowing to recover the initial investment already made and adapting the warehouse to the current need of the company. They are the perfect solution for companies that need to store and move goods and production materials frequently (e.g.: for assembly lines and production plants), with the desire to eliminate waste of time and resources, as well as automate the movement of materials.


Why ONO?

Time saving, Up to 85% space saving and much more...

Traditional storage systems take more time, as users need to walk long distances to retrieve or deposit the material. "Goods to man" is the motto of ONO Logistics instead of "Man to goods" typical of traditional storage systems. Thanks to ONO, the user reduces to the minimum the necessary movements to search and recover the goods, which is managed and delivered directly through the loading/unloading bay.

With the automatic, vertical and expandable Racks of ONO Lean Logistics, it is possible to reduce the occupied surface considerably, exploiting the extension in height and thus freeing part of the shed for other uses.

ONO Racks protect all parts against dirt, damage, and unauthorized access. Are designed for the industry of the future as they are native to Industry 4.0. It is possible to connect our automatic archiving system with the client's corporate ERP software to have complete control over daily production operations with real-time inventory availability.

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