IoT in your business?
Yes! Now is possible with sewBI!


What's sewBI?

The Dynamic Business Intelligence platform

sewBI is a disruptive concept of Business Intelligence Platform of HW and SW applied to the world of industrial sewing processes and related activities.
IoT takes information from machinery, sewBI includes all the enviroment parameters and variables, including operators skills and status for the best well-being and matching data analysis for the best productivity results.
The patented small electronic board is the technological heart of sewBI platform.

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sewBI connects any type of machinery, collecting continuously a great number of data from all production environments (machines+people+WIP bundles), just in time from the production lines, departments and factories.

sewBI is the step ahead over IoT systems. The secure database is connected to BI software and boards in an open platform, guaranteeing a secure access by the customer and its managers or operators.

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