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The workstation is suitable for external and in-seam sewings, equipped with auto-stacker controlled by operator with knee control

  • Handling saving = extra productivity! Workstation complete of auto-stacker controlled by operator with knee control
  • Submerged table and stand for smooth feeding of the fabric by the operator, Made in Italy
  • Chain Cutter, made in Japan
  • Pneumatic presser foot lifter
  • Ready for sewBI: our business intelligence revolutionary platform by Sip-Italy. sewBI is business intelligence applied into sewing dept., the unique technology able to combine and collect all production details by machinery and operator efficiency together with work in progress status of the production lot

Technical Data

Standard Setting

Sewing Head

Overlock PEGASUS EX, top premium range, model EX3216 - 2 needles, five threads. Different sewing head sub class available by manufacturer company

Max sewing speed

7.500 RPM


Average production:
Short size length pants 180/1 hour

Weight of the workstation

110 Kg (only workstation)

Measure of the workstation

100 x 150 x 110 cm

Power supply

220 Volt mono-phase 50/60 Hz

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