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The operator can manage up to three units at the same time thanks to loader and stacker device. We grant to our customers a top productivity, the highest sewing speed, the lowest running cost, the best sewing quality, sewing pattern data can be stored in a compact flash card. Programming can be performed on a PC or directly on board via the console.

  • Extra productivity
  • Programming and modifying a new sewing pattern directly on board or on the PC with Brother PS-300B software without stopping the unit
  • Remote control as many other SIP-ITALY units: manufacture and dealer technical staff can control in remote for a diagnostic check of the unit, functioning, updating software and all backup operations
  • NEXIO console with friendly use as other sewing units made by Brother
  • Ready for sewBI: our business intelligence revolutionary platform by Sip-Italy. sewBI is business intelligence applied into sewing dept., the unique technology able to combine and collect all production details by machinery and operator efficiency together with work in progress status of the production lot
  • Thread breakage sensor
  • Lowest running cost!

Technical Data

Standard Setting

Sewing Head

Brother model BAS-326 H series, NEXIO Technology, single needle lock stitch

Max sewing speed

2.800 RPM up to the Stitch length of 3.5mm


Average production:
Pairs 180/1 hour
Pockets 360/1 hour

Weight of the workstation

230 Kg (only workstation)

Measure of the workstation

130 x 150 x 140 cm

Air consumption

0,3 liter/cycle, pressure 5.5 bar

Range of use


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