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Complete unit for the sewing of the jeans front pocket, with simultaneous insertion, folding, sewing and cutting of a reinforcing tape in automatic mode. The workstation comes fitted with a superior upper tape roller holder, the vertical superior folder for the reinforcing tape a lower flat folder for pocket lap seam and inner lining. The operator does the operation in one step.

  • Automatic Tape cutter device at the beginning and the end of the sewing cycle controlled by a photocell. No helpers required
  • Saving of one operator, handling and area
  • Standard sewing head made by Brother Industries Ltd
  • Standard Consumable parts are available in all worldwide markets
  • Common Control Box, Motor and display as other units in our range
  • No helper required
  • Short table suitable for garment handling by trolley or conveyor system

Technical Data

Standard Setting

Sewing Head

Brother model T-8720C-005, fix D/N lock stitch, large rotary hook size, needle feed

Max sewing speed

3.000 RPM


Average production:
130 pairs/1 hour

Weight of the workstation

130 Kg (only workstation)

Measure of the workstation

96 x 73 x 140 cm

Air consumption

0.1 Liter/cycle at a pressure of 5.5 bar

Examples of use


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