When a customer is looking for new equipment, the machinery manufacturer always promises:
- all parts available
- no downtime, the unit will never stop
- the best service
This is the propaganda to get customer confidence and order.

It’s a “game” made by manufacturers, as someone wrote, “play in a different way”.The customer judges the unit by the function and sewing sample, they will never have the possibility to get a clear picture after the purchase.The apparel industry sets the investment thinking about how the units have been designed and engineered, who is the manufacturer of the parts and which is the channel to get.
In our opinion, there is another more important point to consider: apparel industry management must be able to understand the performance of the equipment. There is a main goal behind the machinery purchase: the Return On the Investment generated by the saving. The R.O.I. depends on the machinery performance, spare part cost, more or less downtime. For this reason, before purchasing a unit, the apparel company should have the tools to know in detail about the daily machinery output, troubles, maintenance activities.
The customer must have the possibility to monitor the machinery maintenance, to schedule the correct service in order to avoid regular breakage for better running.
The management must be in the position to judge the investment through the daily performance autonomously.
This is why we decided to develop Census App Software and sewBI.


Other very important points for us:
- we will know the running cost and the spare parts demand for regular spare parts replacements for every single unit
- we get the opportunity to understand what to improve on the units in terms of spare part design or adjustment instruction

It means, for example, knowing how many activities for the same subject in different places create the record and alarm to draw our attention on providing a different solution than a spare part replacement or new instruction manual.
This is Census App System
Does it look great?
Well, one more good news: this App is FREE OF CHARGE!
Yes, we provide it to our users without charge because our aim is to help the customer to collect pure data.
Only Data Driven companies will survive, only apparel companies able to judge the performance of their investment will be in the position to grow.
The customer must be in the position to understand and judge the machinery running cost and downtime without tricky games by manufacturer and dealer with factory staff.
This is why we are again different than others: we provide the tools to set a clean transparent relationship between user and manufacturer.

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