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Feed of the arm unit, 3 needle, chain stitch, special design for lap felling and/or double-lap seamings like yoke sewing, back seat, in-seam and side-seam operations for jeans, casual trousers in general, working clothes, denim jackets, etc.

If you produce super stretch garment, this unit is a must for you!

  • Direct Drive Electronic Puller, transmission by Step Motor, ensures a perfect synchronization with the sewing head
  • Perfect timing means no waves in the seam, no puckering, perfect stitch quality!
  • Sensor detecting the thickness: the work-station automatically adjusts the pressure on the presser foot bar along the seam in order to avoid to skip stitch or un-constant stitch length
  • Automatic Dynamic pressure control device avoids to skip a stitch and quality problems in the most critical area as crotch area, yoke matching and all thick sewing point. The proximity sensor automatically detects the material thickness and ensures the correct pressure on the pressure foot
  • Automatic dynamic speed control on thick area
  • Automatic dynamic presser foot edge control option device gives the guarantee of constant seam margin on crotch area, back rise area and in-seam operations
  • Ready for sewBI: our business intelligence revolutionary platform by Sip-Italy. sewBI is business intelligence applied into sewing dept., the unique technology able to combine and collect all production details by machinery and operator efficiency together with work in progress status of the production lot

Technical Data

Standard Setting

Sewing Head

Manufactured by Brother, model 928-A, Made in China

Max sewing speed

4.500 RPM


Average production:
Yoke seam 200-300 pairs/1 hour
Back rise 250-350/1 hour
Inseam sewing 130-180/1 hour
Side seam sewing 100-130/1 hour

Weight of the workstation

140 Kg (only workstation)

Measure of the workstation

96 x 73 x 140 cm

Air consumption

0,3 Liter/cycle at a pressure of 5.5 bar

Range of use


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